Album Credits

Mali Latino is led by :
Madou Sidiki Diabaté    Kora                            
Ahmed Fofana        Balafon, Guitar, Voice, Djembé, Keyboards, Foulaflé
Alex Wilson            Piano, Keyboards, Hammond Organ

with guest vocalists :
Soumaïla Kanouté             Dankon, Ankaben
Doussouba Diabaté        Bamako 2000
Aoua Kassé Mady Diabaté         Sangre Mandinga, Bomba Bambara
Djeneba Koné            Ankan Tolon
Kandia Kouyaté            Remercier les Travailleurs

additional lead vocals :
Ni Koh Bedy                         Ahmed Fofana
Sangre Mandinga and Bomba Bambara     Davide Giovannini
Oiaymelo                        Emeris Solis

and the musicians are :
Davide Mantovani        Acoustic & Electric Bass
Davide Giovannini        Drum Kit / Timbales, Voice
Emeris Solis            Congas
Nichol Thomson        Trombones
Jonny Enright        Trombone solo on Ankaben

Davide Giovannini plays Zildjian cymbals, Tamburo drums and JCP percussion.

behind the scenes :
Recorded at Real World Studios by Adam Daniels
with additional sessions at:
Bogolan Studios, Bamako - recorded by Oubda Eliézér & produced by Ahmed Fofana
Paul Chandler's studio in Bamako produced by Lucy Duran
Sofa Sound Studio, London - trombones recorded by James Knight
Premises Studios, London
Livingston Studios, London

Mixed by James Towler at Wincraft Studios

Mastered by Dominique Brethes at Wolf Studios

Produced by Alex WIlson, Ahmed Fofana & Madou Sidiki Diabaté

The music is based on an original commission by Aldeburgh Music and was supported by the PRS Foundation for New Music.

Executive Producers
Alex Wilson, Peter Houtman and Vivien Ardley

Artwork Design
Brian Hanlon, OG Media Group

Gerry Walden

Management & Logistics
Peter Conway Management

Logistics in Bamako, Mali
Violet Diallo

Lucy Duran

Thanks to :
Peter Conway, Nina Jermin, Anne Gumuschian, Dan Whitfield, Colin Virr, Hettie Hope, Celia Leggett, Jonathon Reekie and all at Aldeburgh Music, Anita Crowe, Lucy Duran, Jay Price, Steve Winwood & James Towler @ Wincraft Studios, Paul G Turney @ Sirensound, Paul Booth, Brian Hanlon, Tom Hunt @ Breed Media, Eleanor Household, Adam Daniels & all @ Real World Studios, Dominique Brethes @ Wolf Studios, Kevin Appleby @ Turner Sims, Paul Chandler, Violet Diallo, Debbie Dickinson, Mick Tee, Dorothy Howe, Peter Houtman, Vivien Ardley and Sarah Langenbach Wilson.  All the musicians and collaborators who put their heart and soul into this project.